An error occurred while validating hresult setup project

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an error occurred while validating hresult setup project-52

This bug probably won't occur if the developer has . I suggest that the project Tools Version is changed to 3.5 as it shouldn't expect to be built for a beta version of the framework.

HRESULT = '80004005' Suggested fix: Change Tool Version attribute in My Sql. After review, it may be pushed to the relevant source trees for release in the next version.

If you have a missing file in your solution, and if the file is of a non-critical type (e.g.

a resource) so that the solution compiles, you have a big problem because the setup won’t. Well, if you really care – go through all files in your projects and check (don’t forget to expand the controls, some RESX child file may be the culprit!

It will fail with a moronic message “ERROR: An error occurred while validating. ) Another thing that can happen is that a reference in one of the projects is bad.

For example, you had the project reference another project and you moved the other project out of the solution… 1333: Failed to correctly patch [2] file: CRC error. 120: This function is not available for this platform. 1332: Failed to correctly move [2] file: CRC error. 1302: Please insert the disk: [2] 1303: The Installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory: ... 1324: The folder path '[2]' contains an invalid character. 1326: Error getting file security: [3] Get Last Error: [2] 1327: Invalid Drive 1328: Error applying patch to file [2]. 1329: A file that is required cannot be installed because the cabinet file ... 1322: A portion of the folder path '[2]' is invalid. 1323: The folder path '[2]' contains words that are not valid in folder pat... Please note that these are all unsupported hacks I figured out in my spare personal time. There is a general focus herein on Windows Media Player 9-12.

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