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Jugglin' jesters, kick-it clown Circus sound Painted frown Carnival of Carnage creepin' 'round I'm Violent J and I'm sick They try to run me down but you know I'm too slick And I slip and slide like a Slinky! Welcome to my world as it winds and it twists I'ma kick a funky little rhyme that ya missed Boo-loo-chewy-wewwy-doo-boo And you'd be fucked up if that was really voodoo Come see the one at the show of your life See me breathe fire and swallow a knife, right I ain't swallowing nothing, Jack But I can juggalo Like you never thought you'd ever know And we packin' that funk With a snap and a clap and a jump-jump So chicky-chicky freak if ya wanna be down Step on up..kiss the clown And kiss the clown Kiss the clown ..up, kiss the clown Step on up..kiss the clown Stop the bus Violent J comes out, barrels to your face And blow your fucking face off Cause you know my mind is golden oh Happen to catch me a Beverly show Body fell asleep but my mind goes on Welcome to the world of the juggla's dome First day, I enrolled at the high school Butt-naked with a axe, "Wow, he's so cool." "Stand up and say your name, tell us about yourself." "My name's 2 Dope and I cut necks all to hell." Dylan, Dylan, I'm trying to find Dylan I'm fidna cut his throat with a carny-carny killin' Rich boy never seen a ghetto jokero Slap you in the head with a sledgehammo Sorry Dylan didn't mean to knock ya Then I stuffed his dead body in my locker To the next class, don't wanna be late Fidna ask Brenda on a little date I heard this bitch likes to fight in clubs Took her to a mud match, threw her a pair of gloves Watch her get her ass beat by a fat dyke And left the muddy ass bitch there for the night Woke her in the morning, threw her in the trunk Threw her in the trunk 'Cause the dumb bitch stunk How you doing Brenda? Hey, come here bitch." "Oh God it's lovely." "Yeah,, have a closer look." "Die bitch what's up? Read More

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