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She poured truth and soul into a rendition of Kelly Clarkson's shattering "Piece by Piece." Rice is the lead singer for Houston band Colonial Blue, whose debut album, "Dear Misery," was released in 2016 and was one of the year's best local releases, moving from folk and country to rock and pop.

He then said, "It's come back again."' The 'it' was skin cancer and this was the second time that the man Stephanie's grown-up daughters, Phoebe, 36, and Chloe, 33, refer to as Dr Love had alerted the actress to the disease.

'I guess that's the benefit of having a doctor boyfriend,' says Stephanie, the seemingly ageless British-born star of American serial dramas Dynasty and The Colbys, and more recently ITV soap Coronation Street.

Let me tell you, with a crazy week last week and another hectic week coming up, I really need a break.

When I'm worried about life and have a lot on my mind, the last thing I need is to try out a new recipe and not have it turn out.

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Indeed, Rice's story revealed her own harrowing connection to the lyrics.

Rice lives in Houston but is from Redwater, a small town in northeast Texas.

Otobo, 23, provided lurid details of her alleged affair with Mr.

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