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That’s due to a combination of the band’s build-it-up-high-and-rip-it-all-down working method and Mahan’s stepping to the fore as the band’s primary tunesmith.

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As a multi-racial band from Atlanta, GA, they engage head-on with race as well, a topic they handle powerfully on the song “Cleveland.” This one’s close to my heart—I’m born and bred in that fabled grey city, and the song deals in part with the extrajudicial execution of 12-year-old Tamir Rice by Cleveland’s police.

I know the neighborhood where Rice was killed quite well, and I pass that rec center often.

What it's about: Maura Tierney stars as Kathryn Peale, a ruthless prosecutor and the right hand of the DA.

At the other end of the courtroom sits Jimmy Brogan (Rob Morrow), a defense attorney and old friend of Kathryn's who revels in going toe-to-toe with her on high-profile cases. Where it works: The writers have cleverly thought out and detailed each plot point.

It is still to be anywhere near that block and not think about the senseless murder, the police’s wagon-circling around the shockingly incompetent officer who drive-by shot the poor kid, and the local media’s complicity in selling the cops’ ever-changing stories of how the shooting happened.

Recently, Whats App has set all it's conversation as end-to-end encrypted.

Means, no one can see or read anything you share with your contacts.

Secondly, let's assume emo is not recording, but the person can install some app on his/her mobile, which lets him record or take snapshots of your video call.

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