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tall, cheeky, tattooed, wildlife fanatic and a typical lesbian feminist :) hehe Im a femme lesbian that loves make up, dresses and heels but i LOVE getting some mucky jeans on and getting covered in mud when i go for a walk in the woods, im also a bit of a geek with my xbox : P I am a spontaneous creative person who lives each day as it comes.

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These pictures might just make you think twice before you take your dog on a walk near any puddles, muddy fields or rain-soaked paths - especially if you're the proud owner of a white sofa.

The statement of desire, I wanted him, a mate / With a mind as cold as the slice of ice / Within my own brain, is poignant because the speaker is obviously lonely and in need of a mate.

Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull have extended their run of tour dates. Pitbull's 10th album, "Climate Change," dropped in March.

The pair also peformed together here in 2014 at Toyota Center.

I'm not big into sports but willing to try anything once.

I'm 38, married but separated and have my own house and a dog called Ammo.

Yes you might think only Escorts and the likes of are rally cars but think again!

Bowler and Land Rover work together on Defender Challenge so the 4 wheel drive beast can compete in the same rallies as these monsters of motorsport and I even took to the wheel of one in my first ever rally last September.

The line I'm a mucky ghost is interesting because as well as showing us what the thief must have seemed like to his victims, a ghost is not a real person, so here the speaker could be claiming that he doesn't see himself as a real person. The repetition in the line I took a run / and booted him. Examiner's Comment This answer would be of a Grade C standard.

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