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" — but unfortunately she had now decided to forgive Harry this lapse of memory and was keen to have lots of in-depth chats with him about Ron's feelings, a most uncomfortable experience that Harry would have happily forgone." In her third year, she began studying Divination, which she was fascinated by, and became friendly with Professor Sybill Trelawney, whom she respected a great deal.

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Beaten and abused by his relatives, Harry Potter makes a wish for a savior. Tam poznaje osadzonych Śmierciożerców i spotyka człowieka, który, jak się okazuje, na swój sposób go wychowywał.*****************Opowiadanie urywa się na 62 rozdziale i, niestety, nic nie wskazuje na to, że zostanie kiedyś dokończone. Sirius has to take him to his long lost relatives house in Forks Washington. As bad as everything is in his life right now Harry really didn't need that. Harry has come back to Hogwarts for his eighth year, as his seventh was spent fighting Voldemort and saving the world.

Those who come for him are the last anyone would expect. This story contains eventual Harry/Lucius/Severus/Voldemort. Dlatego też zastanówcie się, zanim zaczniecie czytać. The future is open to him and he wants to see where his life goes, but before he even gets to Hogwarts the magic that has always been apart of his life decides it’s time to throw an all new set of problems to add to his life.

This week, one “Beasts” villain signs up for another monstrous role as a “Star Wars” villain strikes a pose and a handful of “Potter” actors make their fashionable entrance on the Cannes Film Festival circuit.

While Harry and Ron Weasley struggled to defeated the Dark Lord (and also battled the metaphorical Dark Lord that is puberty), Hermione was busy getting straight-As, mastering time travel, creating Dumbledore’s Army, fighting in battles, destroying a horcrux, and, perhaps best of all, teaching the world how to pronounce “Leviosa.” However, given that Ron and Harry were bumbling teen boys at the time — and given that J. Rowling wrote the books from Harry’s perspective — Hermione never really got the respect she deserved for being the most reliable member of the core trio.

Also living in relative misery is Ron, who's uncomfortably married to Padma (Patil). Turns out, Hermione didn't go to the ball with Viktor Krum, due to her wariness of the Durmstrang students she saw during the first task. They had a fine time, but Ron enjoyed himself a bit more with Padma, and ended up dating her.

"At first, Lavender had been very annoyed that nobody had thought to tell her that Ron was in the hospital wing — "I mean, I am his girlfriend!

Will Harry find out what the twins are up to in time before any real damage is done, as they chose to text Lucius Malfoy of all people?

Harry Potter decided to help save Voldemort in first year. The rise of the Dark Lord Asmodeus and the fall of the Saviours. Second chapter starts four years later, during fifth year. If only everything else in his life could be that easy.

Hermione appears to be single, and working as the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts.

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