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At the end of the litigation, the court issues a decree of legal separation.

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Dating while separated in the military on line dating for lesbians

Sometimes military spouses expect too much out of military authorities.

They think they can contact their spouse's commander, and the commander will waive a magic wand and make everything better.

However, you may want to consider who received the benefit from the debt before deciding who should be responsible for paying it.

For example, it might be fair for the spouse keeping the car to also pay off the car loan.

You ask can a US soldier get in trouble for dating a married/separated civilian? If the civilan is married, its possible if they have sex, the soldier could be prosecuted for adultery. Tough, since every case is different...but, for example, if your gaving sex with the wife of a deployed soldier..if they are having problems..would likely be criminal. He later found outthat she is still legally married.

Now, if they are separated, it may well be that the conduct is not adultery..UCMJ requires that there be some additional factor, either conduct that is if a nature to bring discredit to the service or conduct that can harm good order and discipline..if the sex/relationship cases either of these, then it can be prosecuted under the UCMJ. On the other had, if your having sex with the wife of a man who left 8 years ago, never to been seen again..would likely not be a crime. She said she hadn't had the money to gat a divorce.The significance of committing adultery also varies from state to state.Some states consider a couple legally separated when they have signed a separation or marital settlement agreement and relocated to separate homes.In the coming weeks, I'll attempt to cover all of the various aspects of a military-related divorce or separation situation, including the "rights" of the military member and family members, military family housing, spousal & child support, ID Cards, the Uniform Services Former Spouse Protection Act, Soldiers & Sailors Civil Relief Act, domestic violence situations, garnishments, divorce jurisdiction, lawyers, and more.Overall, it's important to realize that the military considers divorce and separation to be a private civil matter, best resolved by the courts.However, spouses are still legally married when they separate by this method. Adultery requires that sexual contact exists between a married individual and someone other than his spouse.

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